Thursday, September 18, 2008

Roaming of Wireless LANs

There are 2 definitions for roaming in WLAN:

  • Internal Roaming (1): The Mobile Station (MS) moves from one access point (AP) to another AP within a home network because the signal strength is too weak. An authentication server (RADIUS) assumes the re-authentication of MS via 802.1x (e.g. with PEAP). The billing of QoS is in the home network.
  • External Roaming (2): The MS(client) moves into a WLAN of an another Wireless Service Provider (WSP) and takes their services (Hotspot). The user can independently of his home network use another foreign network, if this is open for visitors. There must be special authentication and billing systems for mobile services in a foreign network.[8].
Roaming between Wireless Local Area Networks
Roaming between Wireless Local Area Networks

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